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Television is inundated with reality TV programmes. Programmes that hint at a better life. Programmes that show you how your home could look if you had several thousand pounds spare, and could convince some celebrity interior designers to come into your house and give it a makeover! There are gardening programmes which suggest different types of designs for your garden and what you should be growing during different seasons of the year.

In reality, improving your garden is not quite as easy. As you tend to spend more time in your home, the garden can sometimes become a second priority as you seek to upgrade items in your home – forgetting the garden until the weather turns nice. If you live in the UK, this may well only be relevant to a few weeks of the year, if you’re lucky!

However, the feeling of elation and relaxation that overwhelms you when you enter a gorgeous garden cannot be put in words. If you have carried out the improvements yourself, the rewarding feeling you get when you set foot in your pleasant surroundings cannot be beaten. You have personally completed the project and can now lie back and bask in the glorious surroundings!Some of the main problems that our customers have, includecreating inspirational ideas and working out which plants to grow, and which is avoid. This is where Ahc Ins come in. We are a team of expert gardeners who specialise in horticulture. As such, we can work with you to help design the garden of your dreams.

What we do

Ahc Ins are a team of gardeners – fully trained and experienced in dealing with garden improvements. After you have contacted us, we will arrange a meeting with you to come around to view your garden and discuss your requirements. Although our rates are charge by the hour, the initial consultation is free of charge.After the consultation period, we go away and work out the best ways in which we can help you achieve the goals for your garden. We produce designs on how we think the finished product will look, and use the very best technology to create virtual images of the garden’s appearance after it has been finished.

We will also review the costs for each improvement, and put together a quotation for you. After sending the quotation, we will contact you (usually within 48 hours of sending it) to talk you through the images and the price for the garden. You can then take as much time as you need to reflect on the quotation we have sent, before informing us of your decision. Please note that although we give you as much time as you need to make a decision, the quotation is only valid for an initial 60-day period. This is due to the changing costs for materials and plants that will make up your proposed garden. After the 60-day period has expired, we will be able to re-calculate the quotation for you if requested, and this can be done quickly (usually within 24 hours).Having been given the go ahead to carry out the work, we can then get to work on your garden – making the agreed improvements. When doing this, our team of professionals are flexible with their working hours; always working around the times that are convenient for you. For more details check online.


We currently have a range of packages available for garden improvements. Our standard package, is an in-depth report on what you need to do to achieve your dream garden. Within this report, we breakdown the steps that you need to take – both in terms of the plants you grow (with in-depth instructions on how to do this), and the materials that you need to do the rest (e.g. laying patio, creating a water feature, etc). We will also give you details of which plants you can grow in your garden, and which should be avoided. The basic package is ideal if you embrace a challenge, and are handy at DIY.

Our advanced package covers everything included within the standard package, but we alsocarry out the work for you. We provide you with a report on what needs to be done, and an estimated timeframe to complete each step. This gives you an idea of what we will be doing and the parts of your garden that will be ready first. The advanced package is flexible in that we can carry out part of the work, leaving you to complete others (if you want to save a bit of money). This package is ideal for people who are unable to do the work themselves, or do not have the time to do so. As an extension to this package, we also provide the option to visit you every 6 months (after the job complete), to check how you are getting on with your new garden, and provide assistance / advice if necessary. The 6 month checks can be cancelled at any time.

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