About Us

Ahc Ins are a team of gardeners who are passionate about improving gardens everywhere in the UK.

Incorporated in 1997, we started working with members of society in the South East of England, and have rapidly expanded since then. We now work in most counties over the UK, and have recently expanded our areas of coverage into Scotland.

Ahc Ins are always looking at new areas to progress into, and, are regularly looking for new, enthusiastic gardeners to join our team. If you are interested in opening an Ahc Ins franchise, please contact us and we will send out a member of staff to come and meet with you.

Ahc Ins have won numerous awards for our gardening service, including the ‘Fastest growing outdoor service provider of 2016’ and have been named on the shortlists for ten awards already in 2017.

Our talented team are always looking at ways in which we can be recognised for the work we do around the UK, and hope to build on our collection of awards in the immediate future.

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